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based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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I'm Joe Waugh, a Data Scientist and ML Researcher

I am passionate about data analytics and developing solutions, and ultimately being able to pair the two to create value for organizations. I am constantly working to improve both as a learner and as an employee.

I am skilled in providing data-driven recommendations for analytical use cases across multiple industries, with recent work including KPI optimization forecasting, retail sales forecasting, automated image classification, API development, theft & fraud detection, and self-training multi-classification modelling. My contributions on these projects have collectively saved $300M+ in revenue savings, manual labor reduction, and operational savings.

  • Name:Joe Waugh
  • Email:joseph.waugh100@gmail.com
  • Current Roles:
    • Data Scientist @ FedEx Ground
    • Data Scientist @ OmniThink.AI
    • Data Science Specialist @ Scale AI
    • Data Science/ML Mentor @ MentorCruise
  • From:Phoenix, Arizona


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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma Global Institute

Certification ID: 13910037


Google Analytics for Beginners Certification


Certification Link

Professional Experience

2022 - Present

Data Scientist II

FedEx Ground

  • Leading development of an internal package fraud alerting system using multiple GCP microservices resulting in $300M+ in revenue savings from customer churn and 100+ internal employee terminations due to theft
  • Developed a TensorFlow image classification model for package surcharges, yielding an estimated $3M in future revenue
  • Deployed production changes to improve the FedEx.com estimated delivery date prediction model accuracy by 5%
  • Built a TensorFlow image classification model to audit picture proof of delivery images, generating yearly savings of $2M
  • Developed a computer vision learning curriculum and facilitated an internal workshop for 15+ data scientists
  • Built 10+ data ingestion jobs with Cron and Cloud Composer for ingestion of IBM AS/400 and DB2 data into BigQuery
  • Built 10 different Cloud Logging jobs in Google Cloud Platform to monitor performance of data ingestion scripts
  • Built 2 Power BI dashboards to visualize service failure trends for leadership to use in contract negotiations
  • Technology Used: Python, SQL, Spark, TensorFlow, BigQuery, Cloud Logging, Cron, Cloud Composer, Power BI

2023 - Present

Data Science Specialist

Scale AI

  • Supporting the training of LLMs into production models

2023 - Present

Machine Learning Mentor


  • Worked with 8+ mentees on developing technical skillsets for job placement into data science roles at various levels
  • Assisted a mentee to fine-tune a stable diffusion generative AI model for an MVP of an image generation tool

2021 - 2022

Operations Research, Planning & Analysis Engineer

FedEx Ground

  • Conducted capex spend analysis for $300-700M facility upgrades and reviewed with executive stakeholders, resulting in a 100% approval rate for capex spend proposals
  • Developed a Python library to handle company forecast data for a $1.2B+ capex budget optimization research initiative
  • Built volume forecasts for sensitivity analyses to provide guidance for future market share growth and load planning
  • Performing qualitative and quantitative analysis on large datasets to understand customer trends and gain predictive insights to improve linehaul and facility planning strategies
  • Completed statistical tests on executive hypotheses regarding different strategic initiatives that impact key service metrics

2019 - 2020

Process Engineer

State Farm

  • Led API data evaluation strategy of a $3M+ telematics-related tool in support of the State Farm Drive Safe & Save initiative, resulting in 5% lift for automated detection of crash events via A/B testing methodologies
  • Led deployment of 7 robotics process automation (RPA) use cases, resulting in cost savings of $400k and 30 FTEs
  • Collaborated with internal claims leadership to develop claim volume forecasts, resulting in improved operational efficiencies and business growth by accurately estimated FTE needs for upcoming fiscal year
  • Created and maintained staffing dashboards to assist leadership and stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic


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